Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mickey Rourke Heads To Russia

Sometimes I procrastinate updating my blog because saying how one really feels is something that can get one in trouble. But WTH, I'm going to live large. A few days ago, I spent some quality time with Mickey Rourke shooting the shit LOL! and spilling some TEA. To say, I had a great time would be an understatement. Rourke had an appointment with his tailor Gary Gagossian. Gary was gracious and gave us strong coffee. I learned a little about "Houndstooth" fabric and Mickey's favorite color (periwinkle/lavender). We both share an admiration for Viggo Mortensen especially in "Eastern Promises."
Some things I recorded and others I did not. But there was some GEMS. LOL! I really appreciate the access and the opportunity to spend time as well as take some amazing pictures. Yes I said amazing. I'm going to claim it. I saw some of the responses from one of my photographs of Mickey Rourke and many people commented that he was looking great. That makes me very happy. We all can use some redemption and we all can improve. So here is to Mickey Rourke getting what he deserves and wants out of his acting career. He is very proud of his work in "Ashby" which he just wrapped. Sin City 2 is going to be in theaters soon so Rourke will be doing a media blitz which includes going to Russia.

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