Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dolph Lundgren & When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Dolph Lundgren was supposed to be the main story but something different happened. While photographing Dolph and his friend, I was repeatedly blocked and bumped much like when I used to play basketball. So after a few times, I held my position. I don't even know the pap's name, lets just call him saggy pants. By the way, the whole sagging pants fashion where a man's ass crack is showing started in the penal system. In prison, men who wear their pants low are saying they are "bottoms" that they are available for sex by other inmates so I don't get the fashion of men not in prison walking around free wearing their pants so low that you can almost see their balls. Only another man would find that attractive not a lady in my opinion. In the video, I remark, "Go back to prison!" because of his sagging pants just to be clear. Anyway, saggy pants accused me of physically attacking him. Now let's look at this logically why would I do that when my job is to get the best pictures and video possible of the the celeb that I'm shooting? Why would I have to attack to get a shot of Lundgren when I've shot him so many times in the past and want to shoot him in the future? Why would I fuck up a chance for a great video that possibly could be sold since Dolph Lundgren is hot right now due to Expendables 3. Lastly, I love Grace Jones, I would not mess with any old or new flames in her crew. But besides all that, it is so sad that saggy pants said in the video that "He has nothing to live for..." That is more disturbing than his tirade and his verbal abuse. For me it isn't that serious. I come across celebs all the time without really trying. I don't have to fight to photograph them or get them to chat with me. I'm not desperate for shots. They come to me so in the future when I have to shoot around someone like saggy pants. I'll ignore him. It is hard though to turn the other cheek when a person is threatening you. Seriously. If I was a man, it would be the norm for me to knock him out but because I'm a woman, it is a strange paradox.

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