Monday, August 25, 2014

V.Stiviano How The Mighty Have Fallen - Driving A Hyundai

The woman or maybe she should be nicknamed the WoeMan, the right hand man of Donald Sterling also known as V.Stiviano was back to the same restaurant she was at the day before on Friday. Maybe money is running low, because gone were her variety of fancy cars. Stiviano rolled up in a Hyundai. She tried to hide the fact several times. First she parked on the street. When her Koi (owner) pal Nick Haque arrived she asked the valet to move it in the parking lot. Maybe Nick gave her some money. When V.Stiviano and Nick had finished their lunch, Nick got into his waiting SUV. Stiviano answered questions by TMZ and then realized that it wasn't smart to to go her car so she knocked on the door of Nick Haque's ride, spoke to the Valet in Spanish about her Hyundai and then got into Haque's car. Why the deception? All for appearances. Hey there is nothing wrong with driving an affordable and economical car. It is slightly amusing that the WoeMan whose life's mission was to show off her plunder: the designer bags, shoes, court side seats and expensive cars on her Instagram, is now hiding the fact that she is driving a Hyundai. God forbid she has to earn a living honestly like the rest of us.

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