Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bert Schneider: The House the MONKEES Made

The last month has been a surreal trip. Figures that were Icons to me, especially since I was a child, have crossed my path. If someone told me I would be meeting Michael Jackson, Carol Burnett, as well as one of the people that created the Monkees in a span of a few weeks and then one of them would die a few days later, I would have thought it was a bad nightmare. The story is true however and truth is stranger than fiction. This is one of the stories of Hollywood. Bert Schneider who I was introduced to by Quween, days after Michael Jackson's death and I spent hours together over the last few weeks. Schneider is a fascinating man who like all of us (in our own unique ways) has his cross to bare. In a whirlwind of Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson and the Monkees and the Black Panthers, Schneider and I had much to talk about. The following is just a snippet of a larger story...


  1. are you looking to lift this man up? or are you selfishly exploiting him? no don't answer... i can see and follow your motives. be careful with your little experiment, you have already hurt him. i can see from your line of work, arts is not your forte'. stay away. you are a dangerous self-centered person.

  2. Just finished reading Easy Riders, Raging Bulls. Thank you for this tour. I love how it seems like you are alone(?) and hearing your footsteps. It captures that L.A. rites of passage of exploring the ruins of Hollywood, though not as old as Errol Flynn's estate. Showing the deer, your message of "enjoy what you have NOW!" Loved it.