Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vittorio Brumotti Italy's Criss Angel?

So I'm walking around Hollywood after going by Madame Tossaud's Wax Museum and I see this handsome guy riding a motor cross bike. With wild hair and lots of tats, he looked like some kind of rock star. I didn't know who he was so I asked him.
Vittorio Brumotti is a dare devil on a bicycle. He also modeled for Emporio Armani in June during fashion week.

I checked out some of his pictures on the net and that is where the comparison between Chris Angel (magic) and Brumotti (bike stunts) started for me. Angel has a crazy cut body and so does Vittorio. They both look like rock stars and take their specialty to an entirely different level. They add coolness and incredible marketing prowess to their perspective fields. With the looks of things, Vittorio Brumotti is looking to conquer America possibly in the XGames.

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