Friday, July 10, 2009

Aksel Kolstad Putting the C in Classical Music

Yesterday afternoon Aksel Kolstad got to know each other. We met the night before during a MOODS OF NORWAY party.

It was a fun segment. After that was over we went to shoot solo further down Rodeo. Passerbys kept commenting on his MOODS OF NORWAY suit. Aksel got a lot of compliments. I hadn't seen anything like it for a man. In other words most men don't stop other men and compliment them on their suit that are straight as many times as I saw. It was a nice surprise.

Aksel, who is a master on George Gershwin follows his lead on staying in great shape which is unusual for classical musicians. We ran out of time but Kolstad was prepared to do some nudes.He had to fly out to New York for a concert. Next time...

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