Monday, July 27, 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen Ms. Grace Jones...

To say I love Grace Jones would be redundant. To say I had so much fun at her concert last night would be an understatement. First off let me say what a wonderful family Ms. Jones has. I had the pleasure of meeting her mom and son last night. Such nice people. Bishop Noel Jones (Grace's brother) is so cool. He gave me his phone last year and told me that there was someone on the line who wanted to speak to me and that person was Grace Jones. So to say I had a SPLENDID Time with all last night would be not enough. But I will try to tell those who didn't attend the show and do not know the Icon Grace Jones what they need to know.
First off, Ms. Jones now 60 looks great at any age, started off as a Super Model in the 70's. Her exploits were and are legendary. Grace soon took over a new wave of disco. She with the help of her son's father Jean Paul Goude (photographer and graphic artist) crafted an image that would make her legendary.
Grace Jones' fashion sense, singing abilities & theatrical training combined with J.P.C.'s visionary talent were a perfect cyclone to hit MTV. As music videos grew in popularity, Jones hit a global following. Jones' collaborations with Trevor Horn and Nile Rogers escalated Grace to Electronic Stardom. Her gay following is huge and has supported her for decades. Jones is popularity is also based on her film work. Some of her most popular roles are in BOOMERANG, CONAN the Destroyer and A VIEW TO A KILL.
Grace Jones unconventional look and demeanor is a great part of her success. Jones has the duplicity of both Male & Female power. Grace Jones was the first person that I thought was FIERCE! Jones is unapologetic for who she is and what she wants. She is GRACE JONES. Who else would open a concert and sing an entire song shrouded and get away with it?

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