Thursday, July 23, 2009

KAT Sounds OFF: Stop Bitching About Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

I am sick and tired of hearing certain news media organizations putting gasoline on the fire regarding Michael Jackson's Memorial Service. When I think about how many billions of dollars YES BILLIONS of $$$$ The King of Pop generated not only in album sales, concert tickets, merchandise, air travel for fans as well as his entourage, tourism dollars, clothing, jobs created by his music videos and concerts, I can't help but want to scream "STFU!" Everyday I see people selling MJ's T-shirts and programs. Every moment TMZ, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight etc run a story about the deceased star. They are still making money off of his death. Have those media sources given a dime to the Memorial Service? And speaking of the Memorial Service, does anyone know how much money came into Los Angeles because of Michael Jackson's unfortunate demise? I met news media from all over the WORLD. I met fans from Japan that flew in. How many hotel rooms, airline flights, taxis, restaurant revenue, subway/bus fares, gas sales, clothing, batteries, SD cards, tapes for camcorders etc were purchased during the last month that were directly related to Jackson's death? We will never know exactly but I'm sure if an accountant tracked the spike in sales tax alone over the course of the last month, we would be astounded. If Los Angeles is too cheap to pay homage to Michael Jackson than I don't want to live here. The cost of his Memorial Service was pennies in comparison to what that man brought to the WORLD. Los Angeles can afford to take care of Michael Jackson we owe him at least that. 1.5 or 1.6 Million is chicken scratch to what MJ delivered to the world.

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