Friday, July 17, 2009

Quween is Dlisted Hot Slutt of the Month

Above is a picture of Dlister Phoebe Price, her mother Flo and Quween.
Trust me I hate to interrupt kissing Ms. Christina Aguilera's ass because I adore her but I just got finished perusing Michael K's and noticed that Quween on the Scene won Dlisted Hot Slutt of the Month competition. Plus Dlisted used my photo so THANKS!!!! I love Michael and Dlisted is mad funny so I have to give him props although he has something against Christina which I don't understand. Anyway, Quween is a pain in the ass who drove me to DRINK!!! Bert Schneider and her kept interrupting me while I was shooting the Michael Jackson Coroner's Interview at MJ's Dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klien's office. Quween got all in it and that really pissed me off considering Michael Jackson's death is a serious matter and quite possibly a Homicide. For me I take this situation VERY SERIOUSLY. Not to say Quween doesn't but I think it is in very poor taste to grand stand during a SERIOUS press conference especially one that concerns the death of someone who meant so much to so many as well to both myself and Quween. Quween and I see things differently right now. And I have to work. I dont have the luxury to be taking care of people who don't respect my work or valuable time. Michael Jackson's death has changed me. I have zero tolerance for Bullshit.

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