Saturday, February 27, 2010

Monica Danger Leon is Missing

Monica Leon is Missing according to her brother Gabrielle (seen on the left in the 1st photo below carrying flowers). Gabrielle told me yesterday afternoon that he hasn't seen or heard from "DANGER" for a week. Her phone has been disconnected and she hasn't been to her apartment. The last time I saw Monica was on Valentine's Day with her husband Gizmo. Monica told me she was pregnant a week before so I found it surprising that she was smoking cigarettes. Danger was in high spirits and honestly I don't know if it was from drugs or mental illness or just natural. A month ago Monica Leon lost custody of her 1 year old daughter so it is surprising that she announced her new pregnancy. According to her brother, Monica doesn't leave without telling him where she is going. Hopefully she is safe.


  1. Either he's feeding into her publicity stunt or he doesn't know how to research. Monica logged into her MySpace just yesterday

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  2. He needs to look downtown l.a , I work down there and she was down there for hours hanging out... I hope he finds her and gets her some help... your in my prayers monica