Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taylor Armstrong Scares Me

Talk about maximizing every opportunity in the gold digging game. No one comes close than Taylor Armstrong. She should get a job as either a lobbyist or a Bankster. In the history of bouncing back after a spouse commits suicide, Armstrong has to be in the top list of all time of turning a "bad situation" into a money maker misadventure. With a new book out in Feb. 2012, Armstrong has barely had time to grieve after burying her late husband. Regardless to that fact, Bravo and Armstrong believe "The Show Must Go On" - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that is. Taylor claimed abuse and Russell Armstrong's past had abuse complaints with other women. Only Taylor knows the truth of their doomed relationship. Unfortunately Russell killed himself without challenging the allegations or dealing with several legal and financial issues. Death by hanging was an easier way out? Taylor Armstrong's own odd behavior and duplicitous nature calls into question if she is an honest person or not. People will do many things for the fame monster. Taylor Armstrong is an expert.

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