Monday, March 5, 2012

Blaming Bobby Brown

I didn’t realize that Whitney Houston died ten years from the date of the infamous Diane Sawyer “Crack is Whack” interview. Over the last month, so many people are still talking about Whitney Houston. The love for Whitney’s talent is unshakeable. Yet people are still putting much of the blame on Bobby Brown. There are rumors that Whitney was into drugs (although which kind who knows) before she met Bobby Brown. But one thing is for certain each person has to take responsibility for their own actions. Blaming someone else although it may seem in the short term easier to do, however in the long term and if a person is really attempting to elevate their consciousness to confront their addictions, they must in turn take responsibility for their own downfall. Whitney Houston's own personal demons whatever they were overtook her talent and her own life. Through the death of another “celebrity” the public can either learn or avoid the truth. We all have demons and dragons that we must slay or we can slip just as easily in the dreary darkness of depression. For all the naysayers, Bobby Brown regardless of what he did or didn’t do is still alive. I forgot about this video I did after the birth of Brown's newest son until I noticed that this particular video was rated number 1 on my list for the last month. The dislike of Bobby Brown and Alicia Etheridge in the comments tell a story about the public's view on Whitney and Bobby.

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