Monday, January 14, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Leaves Legal Eagle Shawn Holley High & Dry

In one of the most dumbest moves ever OR one of the most Machiavellian moves ever, a day before Lindsay Lohan was to appear in court on the west coast Lindsay Lohan fires her attorney, Shawn Holley. The one and only attorney who has brilliantly kept Lilo out of jail numerous times. Either this farce is being orchestrated to show lack of competence on Lindsay's choice for a new lawyer, Mark Heller who is based in New York. And/Or this is a delay tactic for a continuance because it is unclear if Mark Heller can actually practice law in California. Could Shawn Holley actually be conducting this ruse? Or is Lindsay Lohan so high with self delusion that she would terminate one of the best legal aces ever to grace Los Angeles' court rooms? Tune in tomorrow to find out what happens in the growing Soap Opera: Lindsay Lohan. Is Lindsay Lohan even in the states because it was reported that she was in England over the weekend? Smart move to come to court with jet lag or to miss it entirely. The above video of attorney Shawn Holley was done last year after she performed another miracle of getting Lohan out of jail.

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