Friday, February 8, 2013

1O Reasons Why The WANTED Is A Purrfect Choice For A Reality Show

Ryan Seacrest broke the news that The WANTED will have their own E! Reality TV Show starting in June. With Executive Producers listed as Ryan Seacrest, Adam Sher, Scooter Braun, Ashley Tabor and Danny Rose, the working title of the new show is "The WANTED Life".

1O Reasons Why The WANTED Is A Purrfect Choice For A Reality Show:

1. The Wanted actually have real talent.
2. The Wanted men are HOT each in their own unique way.
3. The Wanted have a huge fan base.
4. The Wanted are actually funny, charming and a little bit naughty.
5. The Wanted have some crazy fans that will add added hijinks.
6. The Wanted party hard and producers of reality shows like their cast wasted (at times).
7. Ryan Seacrest is the Executive Producer. Seacrest is the Merv Griffin/Mike Douglas/Dick Clark of Reality Shows.
8. The Wanted has a demographic that goes from young teens to mid adults who will be more than happy to consume by products such as books, magazines, fashion, music, DVDs, calendars, posters, apps, concerts, special appearance as well as any other tie ins and marketing ploys to get fans BUYING.
9.The Wanted are one of the top boy bands in the world and are falling in the footsteps of The Monkees, The Jacksons, The Osmonds and other male acts from the 60s on who established a foot hold on TV.
10. The WANTED brand is striking while the iron is HOT.
Its Purrfect timing for a  Reality TV. The Wanted fans are rabid.

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