Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zendaya Has A Boyfriend

After rehearsing late Friday night, Zendaya's parents and her date's mom coordinate going to dinner.


  1. Yo Kat! That's Trevor. That's not Zendaya's boyfriend. Ask her about Jay. Ask her, "Is Jay your Boyfriend?" or "Is Jay using you to advance his career?" Go do it! You'll get a reaction. Trust me!

  2. Hey Kat go to Zendaya's twitter @Zendaya & you'll see her interactions with a Jay (Make sure to look at the "with replies." Also go to his twitter. Check out his favorites as well as Zendaya's favorites. There's something going on there!

  3. Hey Kat! This Jay Dude is an obsessed fan of Zendaya's who also stalks her friends and fans. If you go back on their twitter timelines, favorites etc to when it all started it's quite disturbing. It's creepy! I can't see how a parent wouldn't be concerned. You should ask Zendaya's Dad what he thinks of Jay. Anyways, when you've got time. Check it out and investigate yourself. You'll have to go back several months. Jay's got an unhealthy obsession.