Sunday, June 23, 2013

Transients Drink In Public & Harass Passerbys Less Than A Week After Christine Calderon's Murder

I got a phone call from a friend who asked me if I heard about the lady who got stabbed in Hollywood. The person gave out incorrect news and said it was a "Character". On further investigation it turns out that it was three transients with signs who were panhandling for tips. Allegedly Christine Calderon took a picture and didn't give them a dollar so one of them, according to reports, Dustin Kinnear stabbed her to death while his partners in crime either held back her friend or participated in other ways with the subsequent murder.
If you know anything about KAT TALES TV, then you know besides doing entertainment pieces, I have also included several stories about Hollywood Boulevard: the growing problem with mental illness, drug, alcohol addiction and the increase in violence in America. It is unfortunate that one can't just walk down the street without being harassed by people begging for money or attention. This doesn't just happen in Hollywood, this is happening every where in every neighborhood. I don't have the answers and don't profess to have them but I do know I'm tired of being harassed when I go into a store or walk by a group of mostly men there has been several women who have joined into the fray. I don't like it. Something has to be done. It isn't safe nor has it ever really been for some of us. But we all have to do our part in coming up with solutions to the problem before more people lose their lives. Some say this dangerous situation began with Governor Ronald Reagan was in office and he shut down many of the mental health facilities in California. Then later as President Reagan closed more institutions.  Subsequently, America started to see a growing increase in the number of mentally ill and or drug addicted homeless looking for a place to go. All I know is every day the problem gets worse. The new Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti will have his hands full with this one.
In regards to the above videos, I was covering another story when I noticed these three men harassing people and one drinking in public. So I filmed the tail end of their shenanigans and what you see is what you get.

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