Saturday, September 7, 2013

DWTS Season 17 News: Lisa Remini Dancing Diva

You know it is so much fun to wait for hours in 100 degree heat to cover the show that you love as a freelance photographer with no guarantee that anything that you shoot will actually make any money and your competing for sales not only with other agency photographers but with photographers from your same agency. While you are covering your favorite show in an alley way with human and dog feces wafting in the desert heat with little or no breeze, you are wondering "Why do I do DWTS again?" It is for celebs like this.
Lisa Remini uses the Umbrella - ella -ella after leaving rehearsals. Of course she can do whatever she likes, however our job (the photographers) is to cover the show which in turns raising the public interest in it by promoting it. I wonder how Lisa Remini's chances of being in the finals will be if she keeps the Diva attitude up with the Umbrella -ella-ella.

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