Monday, September 30, 2013

DWTS Week 2 Elimination: Bill Nye The Science Guy Voted Off

Well Bill Nye The Science Guy and Tyne Stecklein gave it their best shot but were eliminated tonight from DWTS. Bill Nye suffered a torn muscle and danced anyway. This is a tough competition. Only week 2 and already serious injuries. Anyway, Bill Nye brings Science back to the forefront and that gives him an A++ in my book. Nice and intelligent man. I'm glad he was cast on this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Fake MJ Hates Blacks

This is one of the many surreal moments on Hollywood that went down on Sunday. An MJ impersonator speaks about his hatred for Black people which causes a heated discussion about Celebrity Worship, The Corporate Agenda, Greed, Self Responsibility and Racial Generalizations.  Warning Strong Language.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Valerie Harper Greets The Glitter Gays

Gracious Valerie Harper stops and chats with one of her fans who has taken photos with her at several of her theatrical performances.

Valentin Chmerkovskiy: "Dude Where's My Car?"

Valentin Chmerkovskiy forgets where his car is parked after a long day at DWTS rehearsals. After telling him where his car is,  KAT asks Val when he is going to play the violin again?

Peta Murgartroyd Gets A Visit From The Glitter Gays

Long time no see, The Glitter Gays are BACK and they greet lovely Peta Murgatroyd with hugs and smiles.

Gleb Savchenko YEAH!

Well due to conflicting schedules and avoiding the Asian Flu, I haven't seen one of my favorites on DWTS, Gleb Savchenko as much as I would like. So yesterday it was a nice surprise to see sexy Gleb at the rehearsals studios.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Keyshawn Johnson First To Fumble On DWTS

Well this might be the first football player in DWTS history to be voted off after the first week. Keyshawn Johnson didn't fair well and fumbled on the dance floor. No harm no foul. Keyshawn will get a nice paycheck and dance partner Sharna Burgess will dance with the pros in the dance troupe for the rest of the season.

Will Snooki Survived DWTS First Elimination Tonight?

Can Snooki last another week on DWTS? Or will the Jersey Shore alum be the first to be cut? Here is Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki at DWTS rehearsals over the weekend.

Elizabeth Berkley Has A Ton of New Fans

SAVED BY THE BELL is getting a new generation of fans and so is Elizabeth Berkley. Her appearance on DWTS is causing fans to want a reunion of the cast as well as wanting to see more of the talented Berkley.

Congratulations To Derek Hough For His Emmy Win

I asked Derek Hough's best pal aka soul brother Mark Ballas about the Emmys and he let me know that Derek was going. DWTS was nominated but didn't win in the reality show competition but Derek Hough did win for his choreography for Dancing With The Stars.

Bill Nye Inspires A New Generation On DWTS

Bill Nye is a cool Science Guy. Smart move to have the scientist join season 17
of DWTS cast. Bill is a blast to talk with and delightful to watch on stage.
Here is hoping he last after tonight's elimination.

Christina Milian: Dominatrix Paso Doble

Sexy singer Christina Milian will turn a few heads tonight when she performs the Paso Doble with partner Mark Ballas. On Friday, Milian wore a form fitting Catsuit that was a big hit at practice with the photogs.

Val Chmerkovskiy Always Sexy Especially With His Shirt Off

Clips of Val C leaving DWTS rehearsals Saturday shirtless...

Corbin Bleu Has A Beautiful Girlfriend

Corbin Bleu showed up to rehearsals with his girlfriend Friday...

Leah Remini Shows Herself

Leah Remini arrives to DWTS rehearsals recently in a lovely white dress and signed autographs Friday.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Keyshawn Johnson and Sharna Burgess: Hot Pairing On The Dance Floor

Sorry for the shaking footage I was trying a new camera apparatus and it didn't quite work. I might have to go back to just duct tape. Anyway, here is Keyshawn Johnson and partner Sharna Burgess arriving to rehearsals yesterday talking about their first dance on DWTS.

Comic Bill Engvall Takes His DWTS Seriously

Bill Engvall is no joke on the dance floor. Here is what he had to say about dancing 
his first dance on DWTS.

Christina Milian Is Off To A Great Start on DWTS

Singer Christina Milian is off to a great start on DWTS Season 17. Here is what she thought about her Contemporary performance with Mark Ballas...

DWTS Val Chmerkovskiy Gives Elizabeth Berkley Huge Compliment

Val Chmerkovskiy knows a good partner when he has one. Here is Val On Elizabeth's Berkley's first performance on DWTS.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

KAT's Poop Scoop On DWTS Season 17 1st Performances

DWTS Season 17 started with a bang. Some outstanding performances for week 1. It will be a compelling competition. Who stood out and who didn't? Who blew the dance floor away? KAT breaks it down for you.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

KAT's Poop Scoop On DWTS Season 17 #1

Can you believe it? It is that time again. So here's my Poop Scoop on DWTS Season 17 Episode 1. And below is something a little extra...

Bill Nye The Science Guy: Will Blind Us With His Science of Dancing

I'm hoping Bill Nye The Science Guy will kick butt and take names on season 17 of DWTS. Anyone who makes science cool to young minds while educating them is OK in my book.

Amber Riley Gets Ready To Get Down on DWTS

I maybe one of the few people who hasn't watched a full episode of GLEE but I'm aware of Amber Riley's singing voice. I hope she has a great time on DWTS and brings the unexpected. It would be cool if we hear her sing...Here is Amber at DWTS rehearsals from earlier in the week.

Charlie Hunnam As Christian Grey Gets Ready To Play Rough

From all reports from fans of Sons Of Anarchy who have met Charlie Hunnam, he has been cordial and very nice. Now it seems Hunnam will excite a legion of new fans who are looking forward to his role as "Christian Grey" in the 50 Shades Of Grey movie. I haven't read the book but I know it has something to do with S/M and sex so I will probably have to watch it for research purposes LOL! One thing for certain Charlie Hunnam takes a great picture. I enjoyed photographing him earlier in the week at Sons Of Anarchy.

Homelessness in 100 Degrees

I shot this series a few weeks ago while covering another story. It was a very hot day and I noticed a person lying in squalor trying to get comfortable in Los Angeles' sweltering heat. When people push for War under the guise of helping other people in far away lands, I just look out my window and wonder why don't we take care of our own? I also wonder what does Syria have that the US corporations want?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff: Ready To Rock On DWTS

Well I think these two will be pretty awesome on DWTS Season 17. 
Here is Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff outside rehearsals.

Exclusive: Tristan MacManus & KAT Discuss Valerie Harper On DWTS

Due to an allegation of copyright infringement by EMI regarding covering Jared Leto on Hollywood Blvd shooting a music video and making a 40 second news clip of the 30 Seconds To Mars singer directing and starring in said video, KAT TALES TV will no longer be making extended video interviews over 15 minutes. Personally I find the allegation BS but you know how the corporate machine wants to control their products. So this video which ran over 16+minutes was cut into 2 parts. One and two are above. In the videos, Tristan MacManus explains his frustration of being thought of as soft or not demanding enough to his dance partner Valerie Harper.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

DWTS Season 17 News: Lisa Remini Dancing Diva

You know it is so much fun to wait for hours in 100 degree heat to cover the show that you love as a freelance photographer with no guarantee that anything that you shoot will actually make any money and your competing for sales not only with other agency photographers but with photographers from your same agency. While you are covering your favorite show in an alley way with human and dog feces wafting in the desert heat with little or no breeze, you are wondering "Why do I do DWTS again?" It is for celebs like this.
Lisa Remini uses the Umbrella - ella -ella after leaving rehearsals. Of course she can do whatever she likes, however our job (the photographers) is to cover the show which in turns raising the public interest in it by promoting it. I wonder how Lisa Remini's chances of being in the finals will be if she keeps the Diva attitude up with the Umbrella -ella-ella.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

DWTS Season 17 KATTALESTV Videos: The Drama Begins with JACK OSBOURNE

Well first out on the blank for me was Jack Osbourne. I took pictures of Cheryl Burke and Jack Osbourne leaving rehearsals. My photo agent has those. So I got the spawn of Ozzy Osbourne coming out of rehearsals to his monster truck wearing a "Black Sabbath baseball cap.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

John Legend Has A New Album: LOVE IN THE FUTURE

Singer, songwriter and producer John Legend seen a few moments ago in Beverly Hills. He has a new album called "Love In The Future". Also NBA Analyst Kenny Smith is in the same spot.  FYI, I was concentrating on photos not video so I just let my video camera on while it dangled.

Are Nathan Sykes & Ariana Grande In LOVE?

Two of the Sweetest, Talented and Popular young stars on the planet, Ariana Grande and The Wanted's Nathan Sykes might be in love. With their amazing vocals on "Almost Is Never Enough" single, the pair (if they are in deed more than a duet) make a delightful couple.