Sunday, April 20, 2014

If The LA Clippers Want To Stay In The NBA Playoffs - They Need More Rebounds!

I'm a fan of the LA Clippers call me a sucker but I root for the underdog. And like most chair sitting fans that used to play basketball, it seems the Clippers need to go back to the fundamentals. REBOUND The F-ing Ball!!!! Preferably with two hands, yank the ball down, push your elbows out and either go back for a follow up shot or throw an outlet pass to an awaiting team mate for a quick two or three pointer. During the last nail biting losses that the Los Angeles Clippers had, that I sat in the stands for, I noticed that they were lacking in getting all the rebounds that they could have easily gotten. The team seemed too confident that either their individual shot was going to go in or someone else was responsible if the other team shot and missed. Please Clippers go after each rebound as if your life and the game counted on it. Too many easy rebounds were lost that might have made the difference in the score. The Golden State Warriors are a solid team and while I sat in the stands during the 1st playoff game, I said to my friend, that the Warriors looked like they were going to win. They seemed confident, relaxed and focused. Solid. The Clippers had so many opportunities and took for granted that they were going to win. They played a little scattered. Over confidence is not the way to go if your track record proves otherwise. I hope the team can win the series. They won't if they keep missing rebounds and aren't able to focus on building and maintaining a lead. I wish there was one player on the team whose main job was to get all the defensive and offensive rebounds. Don't get me wrong the Los Angeles Clippers are an exciting team and they have many talented players #4 is solid, CP3 is a star so is Blake Griffin but they need a rebounding GIANT!
Sidenote, Hedo Türkoğlu was in Beverly Hills last week and he promised me tickets. It would be nice if he followed through.... Go Clippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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