Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ronaldo of Real Madrid Leaving Beverly Hills Hotel: Shot by KAT of KAT TALES TV

It isn't easy being a football star. A few fans were very upset with Ronaldo for not signing autographs. Although I can't speak for anyone, I must say watching the fan frenzy of Real Madrid while they were in Los Angeles made me wonder what it is like to have to sign autographs before practice, during practice and after practice. I watched Real Madrid for several days and that was tiring. Dealing with the sun, standing around, being pushed by aggressive fans etc. Don't get me wrong it was worth it but it made me think about how so many expected so much from the team and Ronaldo. Many were upset they didn't get what ever they wanted. I thought Real Madrid did a lot for the fans. Considering the team had to practice twice a day, do interviews and maybe have a little time off, I thought Real Madrid was very gracious. One has to remember these (gorgeous) guys have to take a $hit like everyone else. They are human and have the right to sign or not sign. Lastly, the way some of the mostly male fans surged towards Real Madrid was dangerous at times and they had little regard for children or anyone who was in their way of getting an autograph. I don't think most people have an idea how it is to be in a crowd rushing towards you and sticking things in your face let alone filming while you are in a mosh pit. It ain't easy being Ronaldo regardless of what people think. From what I hear, the fans in Spain are even more intense than the fans in Los Angeles. Here is a clip of Ronaldo leaving the hotel...

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