Sunday, August 8, 2010

Someone Really Doesn't Like Mel Gibson (Besides Oksana)

While driving to cover Real Madrid at UCLA, I noticed something very odd on Sunset. Could it be a Scarecrow? Upon closer inspection someone had taken the time and effort to create an effigy of Mel Gibson. Who would "EF" (phonetic spelling) with Mel and have the audacity to place the scarecrow, or over sized Voodoo Doll or effigy or all of the aforementioned on Sunset Blvd in such a high traffic area? Could it be Oksana? She seems too busy with her "body guards" and creating press conferences to stoop so low. Could it have been made by Attorney Gloria Allred who is also representing one of MG's alleged mistress Violet Kowal as a visual protest against Gibson? Or could it have been made by someone at a production company who wanted to say "EFFIGY U Mel Gibson". We may never know but it is a peculiar sight to see on Sunset Blvd.

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