Sunday, April 15, 2012

William Levy Gets HANDLED by Maria Menounos

 I don't blame a girl for trying but Big Willy is not the one to grab onto unless he knows you. Let's take a closer look at William Levy's body language.

 First if you look closely at his right hand, he holds her hand in position. Big Willy has obviously had martial arts training because that is a hold. I almost want to call it a block but he could easily take her thumb and wrist and pull it away. He knows she is joking so he stops the hold there. Anyway, on a serious tip, be warned if you grab someone who doesn't want to be grabbed you could end up with a broken ego as well as a broken body part.

 Seriously, I wouldn't try these moves on Big Willy. 


  1. are you gonna post video of those photos? I love to see that. more Derek and Katherine pls

  2. grossssssssss maria! even if it was just a playful pat & grope still not appropriate :( just too forward..if cheryl does that to william its understandble cox they'r closer & partners but maria??eeehhhh