Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DWTS William Levy: Big Willy Is Too Gorgeous For His Own Good

 Yes I'm tweaking my photos due to all the stealing, copyright infringement and the removing of my logo.
Regardless of the fact, I'm posting some more of Big Willy.
I'll try to break it down, if you drink Coca-Cola, what would it be without the red/white logo?
KAT TALES TV is Purple & Black for a reason and will stay that way.
But lets get to it. William Levy is GORGEOUS! 
I was looking for a photo to send to a smart fan and I rediscovered these. 
 Here is William Levy on the way to rehearsal after working out at the gym.

 That is why his arms are so pumped! YUMMY!
 Anyway, it must be rough being Big Willy or anyone that wants to claim him. I see the reactions he gets from fans and even from people who don't know of him (yet). His posters are all over downtown L.A.
It is fun to see and experience a phenomenon. William Levy is one. He is a pleasure to shoot even if I have only have a minute, I can still get great pictures because he is so photogenic. I can only imagine if I had him for an hour. Hahahahjajaja!


  1. Great Pictures!! Thank you so much!! :)

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! <3333

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