Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why Kim Kardashian Brand Is Stronger Than Paris Hilton

Love her or hate her but Kim Kardashian is in top form and on the top of the media chess game. Kardashian usurped her once friend Paris Hilton easily over the last 3 years with a bevy of media plays that out played the blonde socialite. Kim Kardashian engaged, married, divorced and now dating the infamous Kanye West is constantly in the global spotlight whereas Paris Hilton is remembered for her cocaine bust and dating a DJ. In this competitive world of former reality stars vs. current ones, Kardashian has a stronger brand. With her family in the mix and a powerful producer Ryan Seacrest, Kim is much more powerful brandwise than her former friend Paris. What a few years can make in being relevant. The above pictures were taken a little while ago after Kim, Khole and Kourtney appeared on JKL. Kim is wearing a form fitting black leather dress.

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