Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grauman's New Owner Covers Up History

Hollywood Blvd has had some major changes lately. The Dolby took over the Kodak, the $10 Store has fired several employees while increasing their aggressive tactics to get tourists to buy Chinese imported cheap merchandise and tourism has slowed due to the Olympics going on in London. Add to the eye sore of large signs blocking the sidewalk and constant yelling from sales barkers, the new owner of the Grauman's Chinese Theater has decided to make some additional profit by putting up two green screens smack in the heart of the historic hand and foot court at Grauman's. There has been rumors that the owner would also put up a fence around the Hollywood iconic tourist/local attraction and charge an entrance fee. I was shocked to see some of Hollywood's major players blocked by the red carpet and the chance for a photo op. It is almost like the owner is grooming the public to accept step by step the apartheid profit rope as he squeezes it around our neck. It makes sense that the off duty cop that was harassing characters recently was setting the stage to remove anyone close to the new entrance of the Chinese.

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