Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tristan MacManus & KAT: On Racism

It is more than fitting that on the 50th Anniversary of the "I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH" by Martin Luther King and the historic March on Washington For Jobs And Freedom, that I discovered a gift from the Cosmic prankster. Long story short, Tristan contacted me earlier in the summer when I mentioned that I was doing a project on Racism. This was before the acquittal of George Zimmerman of the death Trayvon Martin case went down. I was surprised to say the least that he would take the time to be a part of my project. Anyway, while we were trying to shoot this, my favorite camera was in the shop for repairs. One of my back up cameras was being used and it read after we had talked for a long time that it only taped 3 minutes. I was so upset and embarrassed that our conversation was lost and I apologized to Tristan. Fastforward to today, I finally decided to look at the video and it read 35minutes.  The camera proberly meant that there was only 3minutes left on the SD card and since I wasn't used to it, I read it wrong. Turns out the video was always there waiting for me to watch it. So here it is without any edits. It ends because the video was full. One last thing, what I feel for Tristan is not fake and because I am aware of the camera placement at all times is partially because (I've shot over 3,000 videos by myself) and I was trained believe it or not in film making. That doesn't make what I say and how I act on camera any less true.

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