Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DWTS Punches Fans By Knocking Out Pro Tristan MacManus

The Executives of Dancing With The Stars have made a series of changes in hopes of gaining viewers for Season 18. Fans already know that Brooke Burke Charvet, as well as the Harold Wheeler Orchestra have been fired. This morning it was revealed that Tristan MacManus was not in the regular Pro Line Up. That was a shocker that I don't think any fan of the show saw coming. We all know Maksim is back but why leave Tristan out? WTHdoubleL toothpicks!!!!!!!!!!! The above pictures are from the last time I photographed MacManus leaving the rehearsal studio. We hadn't seen each other for weeks so his expression was priceless. I could say more but I'll let the Tristan MacManus and KAT TALES TV videos that we collaborated over the last several seasons speak for themselves.
I don't know exactly how many videos we made but they were fun. Knowing Tristan has been a wonderful experience. DWTS will not be the same without him.

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