Friday, March 21, 2014

Is Erin Andrews Polarizing Fleeting DWTS Fans?

Random sighting of Erin Andrews in Beverly Hills yesterday. Although I'm NOT covering DWTS at rehearsals, as I have said repeatedly if the cast crosses my path in Beverly Hills, I will definitely photograph them. I didn't watch the premiere of Season 18 but I did read and hear the rumblings on Erin Andrews' voice. At first I thought it was a little over the top until I actually listened to her voice. It is not to my liking but some people don't like my voice or speech pattern. DWTS Season 18 fans seemed to be more against Erin Andrews as the new co-host than for her replacing Brooke Burke Charvet.. I wonder what the producers and Conrad Green are scrambling to do? I don't get their constant desire to prick and preen the show. They try to be everything to everybody which is not very wise. The younger demographic isn't the bread and butter to the show the older more mature crowd with money is.

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