Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dennis Hopper Passes On

Today was a sad day for many reasons so I'm just going to do a repeat on some touching moments that I had the pleasure of being apart of. To tell the truth, I left one of my agents over the pictures that I photographed during DENNIS HOPPER's Star Ceremony.
Long story short, the agent wanted to hold the pictures and edit my sets down to eight. I was like no, I believe in these pictures and besides the person treating me like shit, I decided that I would rather not let them represent me anymore. And that they could no longer sell my pictures of Dennis Hopper. These are just a few memories of a stellar actor and the friends that loved him. It is a good day to die when you are surrounded by your love ones. Thank you Dennis Hopper for your wonderful legacy. R.I.P.

"Some odd staccato thing happened to my videos while shooting the Dennis Hopper Star Ceremony. It never happened before but C'est La Vie it kind of goes with Dennis Hopper's unique way of acting...

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