Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jail: The Best Place for Lindsay Lohan

As the Thursday deadline for her DUI court hearing looms, pictures surface of the jet setting "actress" partying in Cannes and appearing wasted. This comes after Lindsay allegedly threw a drink in a model's face on May 15th and Lohan also being accused of throwing a glass at her ex Samantha Rhonson in late April. Since Lindsay can't control herself, beside the fact that she has been given all kinds of judicial breaks, second chances and excuses for repeatedly breaking the law, the best place for Lohan is JAIL.
Jail is the perfect vacation for a talent such as Lindsay. A place where she can be alone and think. Think about all the great acting roles, think about her love for booze, her love for drugs, her love for fashion and her love of being the center of attention. She will have all the time she needs to ponder on her addictions. Jail is the perfect place for a self centered brat that needs to grow up. Since Lindsay Lohan's juvenile parents have failed being proper role models and failed at instilling a moral compass and values to their offsprings, maybe the only saviour for Lindsay is a tough bull dyke in prison who won't take any back lip! Anybody else of color, or lack of privilege wouldn't be receiving the kind of leniency Lohan has repeatedly received and abused. Fuck her celebrity, the girl needs help and since her family can't corral her, the judicial system should. The judge should throw the book at her. If someone stood up to Lindsay and acted like a "Parent" with rules, boundaries and consequences for bad behavior, maybe Lohan could take the first steps back into reality. If Lindsay Lohan kills herself via drugs/booze or from driving recklessly in speeding car, she has sealed her fate and deserves the consequences. On Thursday, the judge that is handling the case for Lindsay Lohan has the opportunity to give Lohan another chance to get her life straight and the best place for Lindsay is in jail to think about her actions, her life and the consequences. It will be a great vacation for her away from her parents, away from the paparazzi, away from friends that encourage and enable her bad behavior. Maybe she can make a turn around like Robert Downey Jr. or maybe Lindsay Lohan will be just another wasted childhood star that never grew up and died unbelievably young.

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