Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Liberty Hill Upton Sinclair Awards & Dinner Gala

Blake Mycoskie of Tom's Shoes, Thea Gill, Michael Dean Shelton and Monti Montanez....
The Belle of the Ball, the little girl eating the chocolate strawberry...

James Frain of TRUE BLOOD and the TUDORS came with his lovely wife, Marta Cunningham .

What a fabulous event! The Liberty Hill Foundation's Upton Sinclair Awards & Dinner was stellar. Walter Mosley who won the Upton Sinclair Award was an inspiration and so was Kafi D. Blumenfield the CEO/President of The Liberty Hill Foundation. Seriously the lady should run for public office I would definitely vote for Kafi! The night was full of inspirational speeches and People Making Change Possible with their Heart Felt Effort.

Cheryl Tiegs and Michael Dean Shelton below:

Kafi D. Blumenfield, Walter Mosley
The Honorable Sheila Kuehl, Thea Gill, Michael Dean Shelton, Walter Mosley, Monti Montanez

Monti Montanez made the night fun having dessert with me and making several high school girls' day when he took pictures with them. Liz Heller seen below with Paris Barclay gave one of the best speeches of the night along with her husband John Manulis.

A great time was had by all. We all left feeling inspired to do more work for Change!

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