Monday, July 19, 2010

Angelina Jolie: SALT With Cleopatra

Tonight, one of the Queens of the Hollywood box office, Angelina Jolie will have her premiere of 'SALT' a Russian Spy Thriller. Timing for the release of 'SALT' couldn't have been better since the news of a Russian Spy Ring that was broken up in New York recently has been all over the media.
As 'SALT' premieres in theaters, Angelina Jolie's next scheduled project is 'Cleopatra'. Jolie has said that this version of Cleopatra will be different than the previous adaption with Elizabeth Taylor. Can Jolie pull of the Queen of the Nile? A little pinch of 'SALT' success may help.


  1. Love your blog. I just found it and I'm liking to it.

  2. I think Jennifer Beals would make a much more dignified Cleopatra than Ms. Jolie particularly if the part being written does not concentrate on blatent sexuality to sell tickets to see Ms. Jolie doing what comes naturally...If Hollywood wants to make a good movie based on likelihood of bi-raciality than choosing an actual bi-racial actress like Beals would be a step up. I thought Ms. Beals' portrayal as Claudia in the Book of Eli was dignified as she showed a quiet intensity and disarming intelligence that any strong woman / queen should have particularly when dealing with the male egos of European empires. I find Ms. Beals attractive enough to be a flirt when necessary but also can see her quite easily turn silent and deadly if threatened. Ms. Jolie is over-used and quite frankly, enough already.