Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys at the X-Games: ESPN 30For30 The Birth of Big Air Premiere

Some hella cute guys were slacking off at the premiere for THE BIRTH OF BIG AIR. Directed by Jeff Tremaine chronicles how free style BMX came about and how pioneer Hoffman kicked it up to an entirely new higher level. I didn't know who Mat Hoffman was before watching the film but WOW was I impressed. Lots of fun people were there Danny Carey from TOOL who I used to play b-ball with, director (and very cute) Spike Jonze, Steve-O (sober), Jeff Tremaine, Johnny Knoxville (who I would like to photograph naked and he reminds me of an offspring of Jack Nicholson), Mat Hoffman (legend), and a bunch of other cool people who are involved with promoting and participating in the X-Games. I pitched a stunt idea to Steve-O about jumping into the BP Oil Disaster as a way to bring awareness to the situation. We will see what develops.

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