Friday, July 16, 2010

Californication Season 4: Exclusive David Duchovny - Mr. Sexy Pants & A Nun

A couple of weeks ago I was driving around Venice and I saw David Duchovny getting out of a little car, pull off one of his shirts and go into a house. I couldn't photograph anything because I was driving. Duchovny was on location shooting another season of "CALIFORNICATION" the popular Showtime series. So a few days ago I had the opportunity of getting a do over. "CALIFORNICATION" was shooting at a church in Pasadena complete with a sexy Nun wearing some cool boots under her habit.

David was wearing some comfortable "Sexy" pants while exiting the church. Who knows what transpired inside the church. You will have to wait to see the episode when it airs on Showtime. I do find David Duchovny's laid back attitude very sexy. He always seems nice. Two years ago I got some really great shots of him on location in Venice Beach.

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