Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chuck Lorre Knows How To Hit Hard

Proving that his hatred for Charlie Sheen has no bounds, Chuck Lorre creator and producer of the uber successful "Two and A Half Men", not only killed Sheen's character on the show (by a subway train, ashes sucked up by a vacuum cleaner and implying that Ashton Kutcher's character penis was larger)but he killed Sheen in his double meaning comments during his speech to congratulate Jon Cryer on his much deserved star. Personally, I find Jon Cryer much more talented and under rated than Sheen. Cryer did the work where Sheen seemed to be just playing himself over and over again on the popular sitcom. Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper was/is a narcissistic adolescent manchild addiction fueled asshole who has severe issues with women and himself. I wonder how long the suits knew over at CBS that Charlie Sheen had a serious problem? As long as he was making money for them, showed up for work and did what he was told, everything was cool. It is fascinating to see such a rich and successful person be so bitter and vindictive as Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen are/were to each other during the fall out. Something tells me Chuck Lorre likes to be in control. He is the man pulling the strings. And if you fail him you will be cut off like a gangster's necktie. Doubtful the show is suited for Ashton Kutcher. It may not even matter because Lorre has several shows that are successful and Two And A Half Men will be running in domestic and foreign networks for a very long time. The show will make money for him and his descendants as far as the eyes can see.

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