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"Knowledge is inextricably linked to language. The less accurate words are, the less accurate the knowledge they impart; conversely, the more precise the language, the more precise the knowledge. In the war on terror, to acquire accurate knowledge — which is pivotal to victory — we need to begin with accurate language." - by Raymond Ibrahim
Pajamas Media
May 4, 2009

Considering the times we are in WAG THE DOG a 1997 film by Barry Levinson, starring Dustin Hoffman as Hollywood's Top Producer and Robert De Niro as the President's Spin Doctor and MAN BITES DOG (1992) directed by Rémy Belvaux & André Bonzel and starring Benoît Poelvoorde are two films to watch.
Although, WAG THE DOG (WTD) is an American film and MAN BITES DOG (MBD)is a Belgium mockumentary about a film crew that follows a serial killer, both films are a cinematic smashup of what is happening before our EYES WIDE SHUT.
In the last ten years, the spread of "reality TV" consequently reminds me of the double meanings, play on words, contradictions and down right lies of the George Bush II administration. For example "the war on terrorism", even the the definition on what is "torture" became obscure during his reign. We were told not to believe what our eyes actually saw. That building 7 didn't go down with control demolition. We were told to believe that water boarding wasn't torture. That the "PATRIOT ACT" was for our protection at the same time and
if we were true patriots we weren't suppose to question our loosing Habeas corpus as well as other constitutional rights. In other words if we were true Patriots we would give up our rights without question. Words became lies. We gave up alot after 911. As three towers fell, and the corporate front man George Bush read fairy tales to children, we became transfixed by a magic wand. We learned to trust not our own eyes but the eyes and mouths of our masters - our leaders. We were scared so we gave up many rights hypnotically. We did what we were told. Many didn't question the news footage or the fact that it was repeated over and over and over again like a hypnotist does to get one to fall deeper and deeper into a trance. Trauma does different things to different people. But I digress, getting back to the above mentioned films, they are packed with clues to our present reality. Although both films were made over ten years ago, both simulate the manufacturing of reality for private gain. In WAG THE DOG, the spin doctor needs to create a war to help a scandal laden president get re-elected. Can one see the similarity in the Bush Administration or any
president who needed a boost after suffering a blow to his popularity? War is big money for big corporations. Wars serve many purposes: population control, fluctuating changes in the stock market with put options and back room deals of metal prices, oil and other resources raise in value. Wars are a favorite pastime for a Eugenicist Necrophiliac Corporatist.
As we come to the 10th anniversary of 911, WAG THE DOG has new meaning and new depth.
With the rise in the voracity of "reality TV shows", revisiting the film MAN BITES DOG(MBD) it is very clear how we all participate in the deception. In MBD a film crew participates in the criminality of a killer. As they film him and his crimes, they become hypnotized by his violence and become killers themselves. We can watch shows like the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and envy the lifestyle that is "portrayed" not caring that most is staged. We can laugh vicariously and judge other people's mental issues. We spend our time being a voyeur to other people's madness or fake world to take our eyes off the reality of our own. But if the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills production and producers knew Taylor Armstrong was being abused and turned a blind eye, what does it say about them?
We are so busy getting caught up in the fantasy that our real world is suffering. We keep our eyes wide shut. There has been 3 unusual deaths labeled as suicides that seem like murders. Two by hanging, Russell Armstrong found in his underwear and socks and Rebecca Zahau (not a reality star on TV while alive) found naked, bound with her hands behind her back and something stuffed in her mouth as a gag. The San Diego Police in the ultimate wisdom labeled it a suicide. Another black comedy like MBD but unfortunately, Rebecca Zahau's death/murder is real not fake like the investigation. Russell Armstrong's business associate Alan Schram was found shot to death in his car outside his home. All three deaths seem suspicious in their own right. Was there a rush by the police and the coroner to pronounce
all three as suicides. Why the rush to judgement? What's the hurry? How many people commit suicide in their underwear or are able to tie their hands behind their back after stuffing their own mouth with a gag of clothing as in Zahau's case? All three stories of suicide seem fishy and conveniently wrapped up. Yes it is possible that all three committed suicide but there is also the possibility that they did not.
As long as our eyes are wide shut we won't know. 3 Deaths, 3 Buildings, 3 Sacrifices. Hitmen/women can make murder look like an accident or suicide. That is their job and they are PROFESSIONALS. Just as the spin doctors are professionals at cleaning up the messes of the people they protect, they can also hypnotize with false stories and images to get their agenda accepted. Rushing to judgement by accepting whatever someone else markets is not always wise and can bring about disastrous results for truth. In a world of "reality TV" where we are hypnotized by trauma and illusions, is it any wonder that Russell Armstrong's sacrifice/death was a ratings BOOM for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just like a war is for an ailing President.

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