Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Season 13 - How The Game is Played

Even though the first dancing episode of the new season has yet to happen, the game was already started a long time ago. Proving that the popular bread winning show for ABC (owned by Disney) as well as the multiple tiers of corporations, including entertainment and news outlets, magazines/newspapers, electronic media (blogs, internet sites and mobile devices), PR firms, talent agents, photographers, interviewers, hair/makeup, clothing designers and so many others who benefit from sticking their fingers in the “reality celebrity competition” ratings pie known as Dancing With The Stars, share a concerted effort in the success of the show.
Some events on the surface seem random but when looked at in a relative chronological order, a very interesting game reveals itself.
DWTS is BIG Business. Therefore, there are moves being played, for fun lets call them chess moves, that should be noted.
In July 2011, a story on TMZ said that DWTS’s producers were going after A-listers after season 12. As an incentive the stars could have more freedom and pick their own rehearsal schedules, costume choices and music selections.
Also in July via PopCrush, Lady Gaga announces collaboration with musical icon CHER with a song called ‘The Greatest Thing’. And according to TV Guide, the single and music video is due in September 2011. The song is targeted for the LGBT community.
After the media blitz that still is going from her daughter Kim Humphries’ wedding, Kris Jenner, matriarch of the money making megalithic Kardashians, announces that she will guest on two different morning talk shows. In a media coup, Jenner will co-host ‘The Talk’(on CBS) and on ‘The Today Show’ (NBC) in September. The news of Kris Jenner being on both shows broke about 7 days ago. CBS is owned by CBS Corp (Westinghouse Electric, Viacom). NBC is owned by Comcast Corp. ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is on E! which is owned by NBC Universal.
A few days ago, Lady Gaga did a cross gender character on the Viacom owned 'VMAs'. According to most, it was a big fail since it was revealed she copied almost identically a character that Annie Lennox (formerly of Eurythmics) did during the 1984 Grammy Awards. Meanwhile Annie Lennox's manager is Simon Fuller of XIX Entertainment. Fuller also produces and is the creator of 'American Idol' as well as 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Lady Gaga's copycat antics although a failure to most, brings negative attention to her which she seems to derive pleasure and power from. Almost as some sick inside joke, the more people hate on Lady Gaga, the more successful she becomes like some kind of demon. I digress anyway, Gaga’s dragging up Annie Lennox’s “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These” performance in turns draws attention back to Annie Lennox and interest in her musical archives as well as what Lennox is doing presently. Very Clever chess move.
So let me sum up what all the above seemingly random acts become when one puts them down on the board.

Chaz Bono (originally daughter of Cher, now a man) activist for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community (LBGT) is partnered up with Lacey Schwimmer who has gotten implants, bleached her hair blonde, has had facial surgery and is also working on her career as a singer. What better way to get attention than to be paired with one of DWTS most controversial contestants. The longer Chaz Bono stays on the show the better. Cher who has a huge Gay following has a legion of fans. Combined with Lady Gaga’s twitter monsters, imagine the ratings checkmate when Cher appears on DWTS and if or shall I say when she performs with Gaga.
The conservatives will hate on Chaz, which in turn will only bring more attention to the show. It is a win/win for DWTS executives.
As for Rob Kardashian if the kid can dance, it will be a gold mine.

Knowing the mastermind of manager mother Kris Jenner, if I were her, I would have been making Rob take dance lessons by the age of four. With Kris being a host on two major network talk shows, she has a forum to promote her son and all her family's endeavors. Kris Jenner is a very savvy business person. Her family is a Corporation.
The above game reminds me of CAA (Creative Artists Agency) when it was run by Mike Ovitz. He figured out quite brilliantly that if you have the top directors, the top writers, top actresses/actors, the top musical acts and the top composers, when a film or TV show gets made, you have Your Team in the highest positions. Therefore you are getting a cut from the back end as well as the front while you are also getting numerous percentages on a production. That is how the ultimate chess game is played and won. As well as orchestrating the machine that runs the money. You are the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings on the short term goals and profits as well as long term future residuals off the present day pursuits.
The last couple of years DWTS has had several conservative celebs like
Bristol Palin and Tom Delay that drew huge controversy. It seems only fitting that now they go to the other swing of the pendulum with Chaz. Chaz Bono is the "King" of the Show. Let’s hope he can dance.

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