Monday, February 6, 2012

Exclusive The Real Truth About the Catwoman Pepper Sprays Ozzy/Capt.Jack Story

Working on Hollywood boulevard is like working in a grave yard. A grave yard of fallen stars who once sparkled and new stars who will fade. It is the boulevard of broken dreams and crazy aspirations. For others it is the boulevard of desperation. It is so sad when you have good intentions and they mean nothing. For many who entertain on Hollywood Boulevard, (screenwriters, actors/actresses, a longshoreman, a photographer and a designer) they are decent folks entertaining locals & tourists. For others, they run the gamut for why they are out there. Herein lies the problem, desperation, economic woes, depression, addictions to medication, addictions to alcohol and mental illness makes people do things that are beneath them. Anyone who spends time on Hollywood Boulevard or for that matter any major American street will see some wild things. Homeless mentally ill people walking back and forth. And others who scream at anyone who will hear them.
I was told that the characters/performers on Hollywood Boulevard are left to their own devices since the Court ruling came down that we had the right to be there. It appears the LAPD has a hands off policy if a character has trouble on the boulevard. I hope that statement is not true. But it does appear that if a tourist or a “regular citizen” makes a complaint against a character, the Police will show up but if a character makes a complaint about another character or tourist, if the police show up, they will arrive very late or not at all and if they do they will dissuade filing a police report. I guess we are consider like gang members. If we kill ourselves so be it and less work for the city.
So that leaves the people who have good intentions and a sense of fairness and respect for civil rights with a dilemma. What to do if someone is repeatedly harassing you or is intoxicated?
If you keep your mouth shut and the person or persons (is/are) repeatedly abusing you “who you gonna call? - Ghostbusters?” No! You are left with your own devices. Personally, I’m tired of being harassed or abused. And I mentioned in my twitter two weeks ago about an incident that happened with one of the persons involved in the infamous “pepper spray incident”. That person was under the influence of something and was following me around. I moved away several times and the person kept following. Another character step in between us and told the other person to go away. I chose not to use violence by moving away. If I seriously felt threaten I would have used another alternative. The interesting thing is the harassing person who looks more like Ozzy Osbourne than Capt. Jack Sparrow didn’t remember it the next day. Fast forward to last week the “pirate/OzzyOsbourne look a like” harassed several characters and eventually was pepper sprayed by one of the many Catwomen. The Catwoman who did the spraying has a Fran Drescher type of voice and wears all black. In case you aren’t aware, there are several of the same types of characters on the boulevard at the same time.
The regular media and the blogosphere ran with the story. One of the reasons the story is so popular is because the new BATMAN movie DARK KNIGHT RISES with Catwoman played by Anne Hathaway is coming out this summer. Smart PR people will use any story that can raise the meter of the public's interest in their project. Others love any attempt to get rid of all the characters and negative publicity is a great way to start. While others just thought of it as a interesting story regarding Ozzy. Some reports took the time to interview the Catwoman involved while others put up mock ups of the Halle Berry’s Catwoman spraying Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack in an attempt to be humorous. I like humor but when people think you are guilty of a crime or come up to you and assume you are the one who was involved in a street brawl, it is not funny. There are some really great Capt Jacks on the boulevard and they didn’t deserve to be accused of being the guilty party. And without being obnoxious, there is an awesome Michelle Pfieffer type Catwoman and a KATwoman on the boulevard. So in order to get the facts straight, here are the males involved in the pepper spray incident that weren’t interviewed. FYI, the Alien character was dressed as Santa Claus and was arrested before and the Ozzy Osbourne look alike Pirate has harassed several characters on multiple days.

Since the characters that are cool are unprotected, we must protect ourselves.


  1. This is a cease and desist to remove pictures of myself as Jack Sparrow ... you did not have permission to take them and never had permission to put them up on you site ... you are also defaming my name, and this must stop as well .... if you have been caused ill will because people think that you were the Cat women who pepper sprayed me ( You were not that person ) then I would be more then happy to give some type of testimonial to rectify this ... I wish you the best, but this anger and animosity must stop and is not called for

    Thank you

  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...