Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bristol Palin Proves "Life Isn't Fair!"

Hey, I've been so busy shooting photographs and videos as well as editing, plus working my other job that I've been too spent to update my blog. Until Now! Like the song says, "I'm only human...of flesh and blood I'm made." Imagine my surprise when I was informed that Bristol Palin with the help of Mark Ballas survived another week on DWTS All Stars. Bristol Palin proves several:

  • Like minded people help each other (by voting aka giving their support).
  • Sob stories work.
  • Being a white young single mother is OK if your privileged while your political mother speaks against Planned Parenthood and Sex Education to the masses.
  • One can be less talented at a position and still remain on the job
  • If you have a high profile family member who will sit in the audience at DWTS, you are more likely to stay on than if you don't.
  • Being famous for immature decisions and having no substantial talent if you are from a Privileged Class is an acceptable norm in these reality TV show times.
  • Getting plastic surgery, loosing weight and becoming like a "Stepford Wife" is a sure sign of joining the gang in Hollywood
  • The Producers of DWTS love to irritate the fans of show by having people like Bristol Palin and Chaz Bono on and on and on. They know that disliking someone causes an interesting reaction by talking about them which I'm unfortunately doing it.
  • Lastly, Palin proves without a doubt LIFE IS NOT FAIR!
I could go on but I have a ton of work to do. Here are a few video clips of Bristol Palin at DWTS All Stars Rehearsals.

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