Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hollywood Zombies Coming Or Already In A City/Town Near You

 With the never ending war, the powers that be playing roulette with commodities, gas fixing, the outsourcing of American jobs to slave labor in foreign countries, America's love for narcissism and self centeredness has caused a One Eyed Monster. A Zombie Cyclops is a great metaphor for what the Republic has fallen to. A monster only concerned with getting cheap labor, fulfilling its addictions in oil, technology, stimulants, food, alcohol, violence, sex, control, power and what ever else is on our top ten list by grasping for other countries' resources.
As a one eyed beast, we have little perception and depth of understanding how our brutal and unconscious tunnel vision will effect us in the long run. Outsourcing of jobs causes a void in our Economic Foundation. Lowering wages and destroying unions here  via unfair Trade Agreements, destroys economic stability. We are killing our future for cheap products made in China yet many will wait in line for an iPhone for hours to be hip. I'm sure most people who have a iPhone5 think they are pretty conscious. And the delusion continues, Steve Jobs said himself that the jobs that put together the iPhone and products like it are gone from America forever. Jobs liked the idea that he could get his workers in China to get up in the middle of the night and fix any issue at a snap of his finger. Ironically, Steve Jobs is dead of cancer. America is showing signs of the same ill will.
As we close our eyes and only focus on our selfish desires, the rest of the body looses stability. Time for Americans to wake up. Stop living in a dumb down FDA approved medicated reality TV Playstation game that you can tweet your friends. Time to comprehend Cause and Effect. Action and Reaction.
There will be more and more homeless, mentally unstable people roaming our cities and towns. 
With no food, shelter, water or health care what do you think they will do to eat and live?
The Presidential contestants don't even address the increasing rise in Homelessness.

We are not  just One We Are ALL.

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