Monday, December 3, 2012

The WANTED: Ready To Rule The World (One Jingle At A Time)

 Tom Parker
 Jay McGuiness
 Siva Kaneswaran
 Max George
Nathan James Sykes

The WANTED (boy band) comprised of English/Irish talent has won the hearts of fans not only in their neck of the woods but all across the globe. With recent appearances at the American Music Awards, Dancing With The Stars and The Jingle Balls concerts around Canada and America, their following is growing. I don't think these talented guys get any sleep but who needs sleep when you are young, gifted and Nathan James Sykes sings like he is Black. I like these guys. They are sweet, charming, talented and easy on the eyes. The WANTED are a formula that works. One wonders if we are seeing a modern version of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or the Monkees?

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