Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Change, Change, Change - Moving on UP

To say I've been swamped the last few weeks would be an understatement. Flipside of chaos is a challenge to be organized. Life is full of lessons. And one has to continually learn how to let go and move on. So that is exactly what I've been doing.
I have made a major move personally. I'm happy to sayI've gotten out of a stressful situation (into another one lol). Sometimes when people do you dirt, you have to make a decision not to go down to their level. Trust me it can be hard. And sometimes you sink and slide in the quagmire mud and the quick sand but like the Phoenix if you focus on rising to the occasion you will get up and fly. So if it seems like I'm talking in code or too cryptic, sorry but that is the way it is. I think that the move will do me good. Another thing about moving, is letting go of so much. You will find it much easier to monthly go through your things and either sell or then donate items you no longer need or want than to wait to do it at the last minute. Being a pack rack is a real drag when you have to lug everything into storage and then pay for it. I have all kinds of bumps and bruises moving things around. I think I lost 8 pounds. There was a moment that I thought I was going to be overwhelmed with the amount of packing that I had to do. I just had to break it down into parts. I had some great help from 2 friends who had my back. A weight has definitely left my shoulders.

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