Friday, March 27, 2009

Mandy Moore & Debra Messing Give Great Face @ Make A Wish Event

There must have been something in the air yesterday. It was one of my busiest days shooting and although I rarely shoot at night, I made an exception since there was so much going on. After photographing Reba Mcentire & Jewel entering STK, there was a big event starting across the street. So while waiting for Reba and Jewel to finish dinner, we amused ourselves by running across the extremely dangerous La Cienga to catch the action at the MAKE A WISH event. Mandy Moore
fresh from being married to Rock Musician Ryan Adams, was absolutely beaming and so was her ring.
Debra Messing was very expressive on the pink carpet as well.

Below is a clip of some of the highlights of the pink carpet, Mandy Moore, Marissa Tomei, Jewel & Debra Messing...

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