Monday, March 9, 2009

KAT and 1/2 of U2 (Bono & Adam Clayton)

So I was doing some recognisance because the biggest band in the world was in town. U2 has been on top for 25 years. What an accomplishment.
With a new album out NEW HORIZON the media blitz had begun so I was on their trail.
The Chateau Marmont was the place to be earlier today. By the time I got there I was told that I had missed the Edge by ten minutes. There was a rumor that U2was going to be playing at Capitol Records. I was hoping they were going to do a roof top gig so I went by early to see if I could see any tell tale signs. There was none so I went by and saw the crowd and waited and waited and waited. I thought my bladder was going to burst actually. But as the time went closer and closer to 5:00 pm and the meter maids were given out tickets, Adam Clayton made his way out to the fans.

Adam took time to sign and take pictures while Larry Clayton made a mad dash inside the hotel.

came out near 5:20pm apologizing that he had to leave to do the show...

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