Friday, April 24, 2009

Lisa Rinna Still Hot Still Dancing

After hanging out with some friends at a local pizza joint, I saw Lisa Rinna. I was carrying some food and I handed over to one of my friends to pull my camera out. Lisa Rinna fresh from those hot photos on the beach with her wearing a bikini and sporting a body of a woman 1/2 her age, was looking very beautiful on her way to take a dance class.
She stopped and talked with us while I snapped away. I've shot Lisa numerous times and she always looks on top of her game.

Lisa being a former DWTS' contestant, is an avid fan of DWTS. I asked her about Gilles Marini nude scene in Sex in the City. Her answer was classic. I'll put it up in a day or 2. It is one of my favorit and fun interviews.

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