Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shout Out to Jenny McCarthy

Although, I haven't photographed Jenny McCarthy (yet), I have to give her a SHOUT OUT! I recently saw Ms. McCarthy on Good Day LA talking about her new book on Autism. The best part of the interview for me and there were several, was when Jenny was asked "What about Acting?" Jenny replied that she was more interested in "Changing The World!" I really appreciate her courage in educating herself and others in the aspiration in the causes and cures for Autism which her son was diagnosed. Jenny has led a crusade in finding out about mercury in vaccinations as well as other important things like not getting your child vaccinated when she/he is taking antibiotics. Jenny McCarthy outspokeness has incited many critics who want her silenced and who think that vaccinations are valid and safe.
Knowing an autistic child and interacting with him almost daily, has given me a new found respect for any parent as well as any care giver with a child with special needs. Any information that can help or cure Autism, I'm for. Many autistic children like the one that I know are highly gifted and they seem to be on a different wave length. The one that I know is highly intuitive and imaginative. So Kudos to Jenny McCarthy and those like her making a difference.

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