Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MADMEN Premieres at the DGA

The few shows that I really think is spectacular is MADMEN. The show blows me away so I was happy to film the actors arriving for their new season premiere at the Director's Guild of America Monday night. Vincent Kartheiser was the first actor to arrive and the only one to not sign for the few fans that were waiting. Kartheiser proceeded to mock the diss when he approached the door to enter the DGA proving that type casting is in deed true when it comes to his character on the show. Everyone else was nice.

January Jones arrived late so she rushed in which was forgiven.


  1. hey i like vincent kartheiser :( he was really a jerk?

    what do you mean he "mocked the diss"? did he say anything to you guys?

  2. "January Jones was late and rushed in, so she was forgiven." Self centered much? How nice of your imperial highness to forgive her.

  3. I met Vincent Kartheiser and he was incredible nice to me. Maybe you are just an asshole?

  4. I'm known for being very nice and respectful to the people I'm shooting. Vincent was the first to arrive and when asked by the fans waiting, he said "I'll catch you later" then he proceeded to go to the front of the DGA, talk to a publicist (I believe) then he mocked the fans by repeating his "I'll catch you later". He then danced which I video'd. No of course he doesn't have to sign but he doesn't have to mock his fans either. That was rude. I didn't speak much during the MADMEN video except to tell Jon Hamm that I love his show and to tell the ladies that they looked beautiful. Anonymous, it is always people like you who hide so I doubt you will read this. It is always could to have a worthy opponent - ART OF WAR. However I doubt you are worthy of a verbal fight. At least now I know there is more than one person reading my blog. LOL
    My Best

  5. Actually, Vincent Kartheiser came out of the premiere as it started and signed every photo I had for him. We talked a bit about my mother (she has cancer) and he gave me advice on hollistic medicine. I think he ran past in the beginning because he wanted to get through the red carpet before the bigger stars arrived. Kat, you shouldn't assume someone is a jerk based on one moment, you should know better than that.

  6. David. Kat have happily told her negative tales about Kartheiser in YouTube as well. Is it ok if I copy your post and put it there? Or if you do it yourself?