Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens

The starlet of the moment, Vanessa Hudgens is in possibly "contrived" controversy when some more nude photos of her under age are leaked right before her new movie. Why anyone shoots nude pix of themselves and then expects them to remain private with the overwhelming intrusive tentacles of technology is beyond me. Anyone who shouts "FOUL" after taking & uploading naked pictures on their phone or computer is either very naive and or very stupid. Possibly both?! Vanessa is a very talented young lady and who knows who is behind the nude pictures leak but it has increase Ms. Hudgens ranking in the Internet searches for the week. So as publicity goes, it is a win/win for Disney. But a loss for people against underage nudity and pedophilia. Here is Vanessa Hudgens leaving Jimmy Kimmel Show. My camera was having difficulty focusing with the minimal light but eventually locked on...

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