Friday, October 9, 2009

Ben (Affleck) The Two of Us Need Look No More

I was excited to know that there are 3 movies (at least) being filmed in Boston. That is very exciting for local revenue. I caught up with the Town directed by Ben Affleck which he also stars. Affleck plays a bank robber who dresses up like a Nun.
I watched, listen and chatted wit the locals which is the best part of a trip. So many were excited and others were annoyed about business interruptions, parking and streets being blocked off.

The flip side and the best thing for Boston is to grow wiser from the experience of becoming the new HUB for movies. More money will flow into Boston, more jobs, more tourism. And hopefully more diversity & more SAG as well as Union jobs for locals.

I noticed on Affleck's crew Diversity was severely lacking. I was gravely disappointed the more I noticed. I watched for several hours yesterday to make sure. Also the locals didn't know much about the Screen Actors Guild even though there is a SAG office in Boston. With the influx of movie/TV projects in Boston, it would benefit Bostonians to educate themselves on movie making, rates of pay & benefits for SAG actors, casting offices and negotiating with film crews wanting to use their property.
The local government can do more by learning from more experienced cities in regards to how to handle the booming movie biz. I hope the city government puts something to gether to encourage Diversity in hiring. Boston has a long history of racism and non hiring of non Caucasians which needs to STOP. This town is ripe for jobs and new business opportunities. With a huge college base of educated & fresh faces, it would be a casting directors dream to work here. Boston is a wonderful place to market Brands as well.
And if the Film Companies don't hire Diversity in their crew and casting than pull the trigger...And boycott!

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  1. This looks like an interesting movie. Since Ben started a family, he has dedicated himself to his wife and kids, so it would be good to see him acting again.