Friday, October 2, 2009


FAME is a great song by David Bowie & John Lennon. If you have the time check the lyrics and see if they fit with Kanye West or try the REHAB song by Amy Winehouse. With Wine in the name it has to be good? Anyway, Perez Hilton blasted on his twitter page that the FAME KILLS Tour with Lady Ga Ga & Kanye West was DEAD!!!! Some were shocked and many weren't. I kept hearing Lady Ga Ga saying in interviews that she wasn't going to open up for KANYE and that she was equal. There has been rumblings that Kanye needs a stint in rehab. Also that he is a DIVO male version of DIVA. Now excuse me while I say this how the hell, and I bought Lady Ga Ga's album earlier this year in March or Feb. before it was played to DEATH in radio rotation, is Lady Ga Ga who has had one huge album = to Kanye in tour status? How many hits has Kanye had? How many successful albums? Yes Kanye is an attention whore but he is a talented song writer & performer. No offense to Lady Ga Ga but I didn't think that tour was going to work. Too Much Ego. That isn't such a bad thing but not on the same bill.

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